Monday, August 18, 2014

Ah, Venezia...

St. Mark Square—Venice

 “Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.” 
~Truman Capote

 I thought that since I spent 13 hours either en route to, in, around, or en route from Venice, I'd do a little musing a la Letterman tonight. 

I had a wonderful time, and I do have stories to tell.

Until then, a few thoughts.....


10. Apparently a regional train ticket or water bus ticket ensures only that you have a ride.  If you definitely want a seat, either pay for first class or get to the station early. (PS I was early. I had a seat. I still have a story.)

9. Apparently my idea of "leetle time-a" and the Venice Tourism Rep's idea of a "leetle time-a" are quite, quite, quite different. . . like about 70 minutes different.


 8.  Apparently when the boat steward says, "Please move-a to da in-a-side-a of-a da boat-a,"  it applies to everyone except the people who are standing in the doorway blocking everyone else from moving to-a da in-a-side."

7.  Apparently a good number of people from all over the world have not gotten the message that low-rider pants are out. I saw enough butt cracks to last my lifetime today.
Attention! Men! Women! Children!
Lend me your ear.
Pull up your pants,
So I don't see your rear!!!

A gondolier

 6.  Apparently some tourists think bathing is optional while they are on vacation, and they apparently always want to sit next to me on a crowded train or boat.

5.  Apparently, the most popular things to see in Venice in August are other tourists.

4.  Apparently a lot of overweight Venetian men who own speed boats like to ride around in them wearing Speedos.

One of the many bridges in Venice
 3.  Apparently covering your mouth when you sneeze in a crowded train or boat is optional...especially if you are standing anywhere near me.

2.  Apparently men illegally showing off in speedboats have a tendency not to see that they are about to crash into a water bus.

1. Apparently every single person who works in a store in Burano has a mother who not only designed the "puro linen" clothing, but also either hand wove OR hand sewed it OR both. . . And, if you buy right now, they will give you. . .


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