Friday, April 19, 2013

A Couple of Photos

It's chilly and cloudy in Avignon today, so I thought I would send out an extra post with a number of photos before I do the blog tonight. It's a little complicated to do the blog on the iPad as the app isn't all that great, so we'll hope it goes okay.

Pastries from a patisserie in Vernon. The shine you see is a glaze, not plastic wrap.

Giverny.... Monet's garden in early spring

Mike in Giverny... What do you mean it's cold?.

The French are obsessed with bread (for good reason). I took this at the Rouen Sunday Market on Easter.

Cassoulet for sale at the Rouen Market on Eater

One of the Normandy Beaches at low tide

Penguins enjoying a cappuccino in Honfleur

The American Cemetery in Normandy. Did you know that the American government actually owns the land?

Half-timber houses are popular in Normandy. This one was in Honfleur.

Les Andelys and the Seine River from Chateau Gaillard

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