Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday, Monday

"We live in a wonderful world
that is full of beauty, charm
and adventure."
~ Jawaharial Nehru

Please excuse me if I don't write any stories tonight. I'm quite tired after a short day trip out of Spoleto. I thought, though, that I'd post a couple of photos and short-short stories that go with them.

The photo above is of Corso Garibaldi, the street where our apartment is, at night. We came home from dinner tonight, and i thought that this particular turn was quite lovely bathed in the light from the overhead light.

Also on Corso Garibaldi is the shop of this shoe cobbler. I can't remember the last time that I saw an actual shoe-repair shop. Yes, yes. I know that there are some around, but most of the time, they have machines and such to repair your shoes. This cobbler is a friendly man who seems to be working constantly.

How many fireman does it take to break into a car? :-)

Last night we heard a lot of commotion outside of our flat, and we looked out to discover the local fire truck sitting in the street below. Next to it were a car and five firemen trying to unlock the door to the car. For over an hour they tried before they finally were able to somehow pop the lock on the passenger door. 'what I couldn't figure out was why four of the five were standing there looking in the windows the whole time. When they opened it, no one took out a baby or anything, so they weren't watching anyone.

We heard another bit of chaos outside the window this morning, and when I looked out, I saw a cement truck backing down Via Gesuiti to Corso Garibaldi. The trash truck was blocking the way, and the cement truck had to maneuver around it. The driver of the cement truck finally stopped directly under our window. Mike was going to throw something into the mixer, but I stopped him. (Only kidding)

One of my absolute favorite pastries here are these cream cakes. Actually, they're called cream cakes in Ireland and something else here. Composed of a wonderfully light dough and simple whipped cream, they're delightful. I do have to admit that I've yet to have one as I'm trying to be good.

Espresso. I love Italian coffee and cappuccino, and this trip I'm learning to drink espresso. We ordered it the other night at Novecento, a great restaurant about a block from the flat. My hair is still standing straight out from my head.  Only kidding. The caffeine doesn't affect me that much. The interesting thing about ordering coffee here, though, is the fact that a cup of coffee is less than 1/2 cup.  People usually drink it standing at the bar.

We like Spoleto. The people are friendly, and food and coffee prices are very reasonable, and the town is easy to walk (even with the hills).

 Tomorrow, the butcher and I talk....


  1. I'm reading your blog every day, Chris, and vicariously enjoying your fabulous trip through Europe. The problem is that I may be subtly growing to hate you. Can't have that!

  2. The cobbler reminds me of Mr Mancini back in London OH. I need to try the expressos when we go to Germany.