Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Graffiti, Ancient Roman & GreekStyle

"Creating is the essence of life."
~ Julius Caesar

One afternoon last week, we went to the Archeological Museum of Bologna.  I think I've mentioned that Mike is into the museum scene more than I am, but I enjoy going, too. . . . usually. . . . maybe.  In all honesty, I'm not wild going to the archeological museums. But, I go when he wants to go.

A bit of background:  Bologna's been around since 1000 BC, and it was the capital of the Etruscan world of Etruria.  In 1869 or so, scholars started an archeological dig and found Etruscan tombs and Greek and Roman artifacts. Over the years, the museum has added to its collection and has Egyptian artifacts included, too.

Enough of the boring stuff.  Suffice to say we didn't stay too long in the museum. Once we hit the Egyptian side, we hurried through and left.

While I was waiting for Mike, I found a courtyard filled with "ancient" Greek and Roman plaques.  Of course, I think that they are probably plaster casts of the originals since they were a little too perfect and within reach of the public.

"Look," I said to Mike when he finally joined me last week, "I found ancient graffiti."  I didn't see it, but I'm sure he rolled his eyes.

Truth is, I like to figure out what the signs say, and last week I was into making stuff up.

For example:
Top photo. . .Amanda loves Tex-mex
Second. . .Nolen is a psychopath

"How old are you?" my dear husband who poses with ancient sculptures and store mannequins asked me.  I just rolled my eyes, and I think he could see it.

Tell the truth, isn't it fun to make this stuff up?

At any rate, I do marvel at the fact that these artifacts are still around so many years later.  I wonder what archeologists will find of our stuff thousands of years from now. . . . a golden arch?

By the way, I think this sign was for someone who worked as a florist and psychiatrist.

Yes.  Yes.  I'm still suffering jetlag.  Sorry.  I promise a story tomorrow when I can think more clearly.

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