Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hair Today, Not Tomorrow

The shampoo bowls in Angela's shop
 "Oh, you *NEED* color now." ~ Angela

When I had my hair cut a few weeks ago, Angela told me not to wait too long to have the color done since my dark roots were getting ever darker and longer.  I had my appointment today, and she flicked her hands through my hair.

"Oh," she sighed, "you NEED color now.  I told you not to wait too long."  I nodded.  I know she told me that, but we've been busy.  I probably could have gone in earlier this week or late last week, but we never knew from one day to the next if we'd jump a train somewhere or not.

"But I'm here today," I smiled.  She nodded and went to fix whatever chemicals she was going to put on my head.  The lady whose hair Angela had just curled on tiny rollers stared at us.  She was sitting at the station next to me, and the hair dryer was blowing away. I could feel the heat a little, but thankfully the salon was "climatizzata"—air conditioned.  I love the hair dryers here.  They come down from the ceiling and are right at the stations.  Cool idea.

One of the stations in the shop...Note the hairdryer.

Angela came back with the magic formula and started putting it on my hair.  Let me just say that I really hate having this done, but as I've gotten older, my hair has gone from dishwater blonde to almost brown.  I could let it go, but I've gone from a few highlights to full highlights to full blonde over the years, and I'm afraid that having dark cornsilk strands of hair on my head would shock the life right out of me.

I like Angela. I really like Angela.  She is friendly and kind, and she really knows how to cut and color for one's facial structure and coloring.  And, she talks.  I hate going to hairdressers who cut, color, blow dry, etc. and basically say two words the entire time. Angela, thankfully, converses, but sometimes she talks so fast that I have to ask her to slow down.  "Piano.  Piano," I say to her, and she slows down and talks a little louder.  The volume I don't need, but I do need to really concentrate.

Angela setting someone's hair
 Since I'm not a regular, she always asks me the same questions— Do you have children?  How old is your son? Isn't Las Vegas hot? Where do you work?  Why do you come to Bologna?  Are you staying at the B&B? Is your husband retired? Does your husband speak Italian? Does it cost a lot to travel to Italy? Do you like gelato?

Do I like gelato? I have never figured out where that question came from.

Today she told me she is planning a surprise birthday party for her daughter who is turning 30 next week.  "It's a complete surprise," she said. "Don't say anything because I don't want her to find out."

"I won't say anything" I replied while I wondered how I could tell her since she lives in another town and has no idea who I am.  Of course, here I am telling you, so if you meet Angela's daughter, please do not tell her that her mom is having a surprise party for her.

Station #3
Angela owns and is the only person who works in her salon, and I asked her today what time she was going to close.

"At 20:00," she answered.  My eyes widened because I knew she had opened before 8:00 this morning. Actually, she opens before 8:00 every morning but Sunday and Monday. She noticed my shock and added, "I open early and close late everyday because people will walk by, see me, and come in to have their hair done. I have some appointments, but I also have a lot of people walk in."

People have walked in while I've been there, so I know what she means.  Last year when I was getting my hair cut, she had three people walk in. One just wanted a shampoo and blow dry.

Her prices, by the way, are a little higher than in other parts of the city, but they're a lot lower than what we pay in the States.  For example, I paid 28 euro ($31) for color today.  A cut is 18 euro.

On another note, we're off to Sulmona tomorrow for the festa in Pettorano this weekend.  It will be a long day of train rides....

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