Thursday, July 16, 2015

Planes, Trains, & Autobuses, Part I

“I am strong, but I am tired,,,”
― Brenda Joyce

The last few days have been a little stressful.  First, Mike and I traveled by train from Bologna to Rome, and from Rome to Sulmona.  Tuesday morning we left Sulmona and traveled by *bus*  back to Rome  where we caught a train to Milano. Yesterday (Wednesday) morning, we ended up on a bus that took us from Milano Centrale (train station) to Milano Malpensa (airport). Our eight-plus hour  Emirates flight from Milano landed at JFK where we caught a JetBlue flight to Las Vegas.  It exhausts me to think about all the mileage we covered during this week.

I didn't sleep well Sunday night for some reason, and Monday was miserable.  Combined with the heat and humidity, my lack of sleep left me frazzled and whipped Tuesday.  I wrote the blog, and if you read it, you might have noticed that my last sentence makes absolutely no sense. I was talking about the heat and the horrible sandwich with mayonnaise, and I ended the blog with:  Next time, I'm leaving him with the priests in the churches here. Maybe they can knock a little sense into him

I have no idea—NO IDEA— how that sentence got there. I do not remember thinking it, and I definitely do not remember writing it. I must have been sleepwriting.  After I apparently put the computer away (something else I don't remember), I slept a little better Monday night.  I was still quite tired when we got up yesterday (Wednesday) morning at 7:00 am Italy time.  That translates to 1:00 am New York time, midnight Nashville time, and 10:00 pm Tuesday evening Las Vegas time.

We arrived  home this morning at almost 2:00 am Las Vegas time.

"My body is telling me it's time for lunch," I said to Mike as we collapsed on the bed.  I don't think he heard me as he was already asleep.  It was a long 28 hours.

The good thing about riding those planes, trains, and buses this week is that I now have some great stories to tell you.

The bad thing is that it is now 7:30 pm Las Vegas time (and 4 am Italia time), and I am once again falling asleep as I type this.  To avoid relating stories  with nonsensical statements thrown in, I'm going to leave the blog at this point tonight.  Stay tuned tomorrow as I tell you about the trains to Sulmona.

Tomorrow.... I promise....

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