Sunday, May 24, 2015

Wifi Be Back

A clock in the Esquilino district of Rome (stuck at 12:18)

 “One day of happiness is worth one hundred days of distress.”
 ~ Timothy Mwirigi Culture

When last I left you, it was the night before we left Rome for Sulmona.  We were all a little tired and hot from our time there, and the train ride to Sulmona was a nice break for a time.

I had booked apartments in Sulmona's historical center, and they were very nice. The owners, Victor and Gordon, had us up for aperitifs the first evening we were there, and the views were stunning (I'll post those soon.). After the hustle, bustle, crowds, and craziness of Rome, we were thrilled to have a little quiet time.

Unfortunately, the internet in my room did not work. I won't go into details now, but suffice to say I felt as though I were stuck in time, like the clock in Rome we passed daily (above). In four days, I talked to Mike only twice. We normally talk 3-4 times each day, so that put me out-of-sorts.

Pasta caccio e pepe, a Roman specialty

Today, though, all is better. We are in Bologna. I have seen my friends. I took the group on   a nice walk around the town and had an aperitif at my favorite bar. We ate dinner at Eataly, had gelato (not me, but there was no amarena), and we are settled in for the night in the lovely Santo Stefano Apartments where I spent two months last summer. And, I have internet that works.

Tonight, I am extremely happy.  I have talked to Mike twice, and I am able to write my blog again.  I have given everyone a beautiful experience in Abruzzo with the help of my great friends, Novelia and Peppe.  I will tell you all about it in the next few days and try to catch you up to our time in Bologna.

By the way, the sound of crickets drives me crazy.

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  1. So good to see your pictures and that you are happy with how things are progressing. We are in the count-down and I will not be able to sleep this coming Saturday night, but that might be a good thing. Buona serra.